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The template object

These attributes define the properties of a template.
The template object is used to store template data, including dimensions, user information, and category details.


id string
The unique UUID for the template.

name string
The name of the template.

description string
A brief description of the template.

width integer
The width of the template in pixels.

height integer
The height of the template in pixels.

thumbnail string
URL of the template’s thumbnail image.

layersCount integer
The number of layers (not locked) of the template.

user User object
The user who created or owns the template.

Sample Object

Here’s a sample object of a template:

"id": "306c724a-d138-486a-a601-0b2a9ced52be",
"name": "Twitter Bubble Square Template",
"description": "This is a sample template for demonstration.",
"width": 1024,
"height": 1024,
"thumbnail": "",
"user": {
"id": "872s0atn-l4o5-09g9-gth2-oy7f79df6tuw",
"name": "Mark Doe"