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Find out what sort of API Canva offers

What is Canva? is a great design tool with thousands of design templates
for your to create graphics for all sort of applications.
It offers a drag-and-drop graphic editor that is easy-to-use without the need of a professional designer.

Does Canva have an API?

Canva does HAVE an API for creating apps to integrate to their platform.
Canva does NOT have an API for creating or modifying designs programmatically.

Their API is mainly focused on creating additional features and asset import functions to their editor.

So it's not possible to use an API to generate designs in batches or changing design content like the text of a banner or the product image of a marketing creative.

Is there an alternative?

Yes! A good solution to that is using Templated to create your designs and automate with a simple API.
Check bellow how you can draft your designs in a Canva-like editor and use the API to modify design content or generate multiple images programmatically.

Templated offers a Canva-like editor and a simple API for automating your designs

Create with powerful design tools + automation.

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Easy to use Template Editor

Our drag & drop editor is easy to use so you can style the template without the need of a professional designer

"What You See Is What You Get" Editor

Customize well-crafted templates from our Template Gallery

... or design your own from a blank canvas!

Simple API

Render images and PDFs at scale with a simple API.

  • Simple POST request with JSON payload
  • Render in multiple formats
     (.jpg, .png, .webp, .pdf)
  • Libraries (Node, Java, PHP, Ruby, etc.)
     Coming soon
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