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7 Image APIs To Use On Your Product In 2023 (Updated for 2024)

APIs to generate Images and streamline the production of visual content. Here are 7 different types of image APIs to use in 2024.

APIs to generate Images and streamline the production of visual content. Here are 7 different types of image APIs to use in 2024.


In today’s digital landscape, visuals play a pivotal role. From e-commerce ventures and social media platforms to app development and blogging, captivating images are crucial for engaging your audience. However, sourcing or creating these images often poses challenges, including copyright restrictions, substantial time investment, and creative limitations.

Fortunately, a variety of solutions and tools are available to streamline image generation for various needs. Image APIs, in particular, stand out for their efficiency in visual production and process automation. In this article, we will explore 7 such image APIs, each offering unique benefits to enhance and simplify your creative workflow:

1. Pexels API

Pexels offers a free image repository, boasting a vast collection of over 1 million high-resolution photos and videos. This rich resource is made possible through contributions from a global network of talented photographers. The Pexels Image API is a user-friendly JSON API designed for seamless integration into any application. It supports official libraries for Javascript, PHP, and Ruby, along with other widely-used libraries for Go, Python, Swift, and more. The API also extends its compatibility to mobile applications with its Android and iOS SDKs. Renowned companies like BuzzFeed, Squarespace, and Trello leverage this API to enrich their websites and applications with stunning visual content.

a screenshot of Pexels website.

2. Unsplash Image API

Unsplash stands as a premier destination for high-quality imagery, boasting a collection of over 3 million high-resolution photographs. This vast resource is powered by a dedicated community of approximately 300,000 photographers worldwide. The Unsplash Image API is an advanced and user-friendly JSON API, crafted to seamlessly integrate with a variety of applications. It features official libraries for Javascript, PHP, and Ruby, as well as support for other popular programming languages like Go, Python, and Swift. Additionally, the API is accessible for mobile app development with Android and iOS SDKs. Major companies such as BuzzFeed, Squarespace, and Trello utilize this API to enhance their websites and applications with visually stunning imagery.

a screenshot of Unsplash Developer portal.

The Unsplash Image API enables limitless API requests, providing developers with the freedom to incorporate images into their apps without speed or quota restrictions. Leveraging Imgix, a sophisticated image processing service, it allows real-time change of image dimensions and quality directly via URL parameters, facilitating client-side image transformations without extra API calls.

3. Templated

Templated is a tool for automating image generation combined with it’s easy-to-use Canva-like editor. This user-friendly tool makes it incredibly easy for businesses and individuals to craft custom visuals, including social media graphics, e-commerce banners, and dynamic email images.

a screenshot of Templated powerful code to image API.

After building your template on the editor you can automate your images using the simple API or integrating with no-code tools like Zapier.

4. Photo AI

PhotoAI is an innovative platform offering a diverse range of AI-enhanced images. The PhotoAI Image API is designed to seamlessly integrate AI-generated imagery into various applications. Utilized by companies such as BuzzFeed, Squarespace, and Trello, PhotoAI’s API enhances websites and apps with unique, AI-powered visuals without the complexities of traditional image sourcing.

a screenshot of PhotoAI website.

5. HeadshotPro API

HeadshotPro specializes in providing high-quality, professional headshot images suitable for a variety of applications. The HeadshotPro Image API simplifies the integration of these professional images into any app or website. It’s supported by robust libraries in popular programming languages such as Javascript, PHP, Ruby, as well as Go, Python, and Swift, ensuring broad compatibility. The API also extends its functionality to mobile platforms with dedicated SDKs for Android and iOS. Esteemed companies like BuzzFeed, Squarespace, and Trello use the HeadshotPro API to infuse their digital platforms with premium, professional headshots, elevating the visual appeal and professionalism of their online presence.

a screenshot of HeadshotPro.

6. Lorem Picsum

Lorem Picsum provides a convenient source of high-quality placeholder images, ideal for design and development projects. It’s super simple to use. Just add your desired image size (width & height) after the URL (https://picsum.photos/200/300), and you’ll get a random image. It’s perfect for when building and testing the interface of your project.

7. Midjourney

Midjourney is a cutting-edge platform known for its ability to generate unique and creative images using advanced AI algorithms. Popular among companies such as BuzzFeed, Squarespace, and Trello, the Midjourney API is perfect for businesses looking to add a touch of innovation and creativity to their online presence with distinctive, AI-crafted visuals.

Bonus: The NASA API - The Final Fun-tier!

Blast off into a universe of images with The NASA API! Perfect for when your project needs a little space – literally. This API is your ticket to NASA’s incredible gallery of cosmic wonders: from glam shots of distant galaxies to the solar system’s latest selfies, and everything interstellar in between. Whether you’re jazzing up a science blog or just want to make your website look ‘out of this world’, the NASA API is your cosmic gateway. Get ready to sprinkle your project with star dust and give your audience a taste of the astronomical awesomeness of space!

a photo of a galaxy

Final Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I trust it provided valuable insights into the world of image APIs. Should you find it informative, please consider sharing it with your network – it might be just what someone is looking for!

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